Designs as unique as you are



              Let's get you sized up:


For the best fit, please have a friend measure you as accurately as possible.  Please specify in your order if you would like the piece to fit loosely, snugly, or extra snugly so we can get it perfect the first time.  


Listed below are the measurements I'll need for Bras:

Under bust- The band under the breast tissue, around your rib cage.

Over Bust- Take this measurement at the apex of your cup, the fullest part of your bust.


Depending on the straps you'd like, I'll need to know a few different measurements:


Halter Style- Measure from the top of one cup behind you neck to the top of the other.  Let the measuring tape lay flat against your skin.

One Shoulder- Measure from the top of both bra cups to the center of your back.  Be sure to pick which shoulder you'd like the strap to rest on.

Both Shoulders- Measure from the top of each cup around the top of your shoulder to the Over Bust line you took earlier.

Criss-Cross- Start from the top of each cup, measure over each shoulder to the opposite side on your bust line, where you would like the strap to terminate.

For Belts:

High Hip- Measure around your form at the top of your hip bones, or if you desire a belt to sit higher than that, measure around your body where you'd like the top of your belt to rest. 

Belt Depth- Determine how thick you'd like you belt to be.  If I'm making you some spectacular shapes on your belt, then this should be the MINIMUM length down your hips that you'd like the belt to be.

Low Hip-  Measure around your hips or thighs at the depth you determined with the Belt Depth.


A bra you own that fits you well is the best way to insure a great fit.  If you have one to spare you may want to consider giving it new life as your dance bra. 


Decided on a budget? Let's get started- email me with measurements, budget, and material request.  Invoice will follow once we have the final price- construction begins with half the total cost paid. 





Typical Custom Work Price Guide:  

Lower end pricing will be a simpler piece, with little to no bead work, and fewer coins or buttons, though still fully lined and beautiful. 


Bra, any size: If base bra provided $100- $300  If no base bra provided $120-$300

Belt, cloth, any size and closure :  $100- $300

Belt, "Scavenger Style" leather:  $60-  $200

Bra and Belt together: $200-$600

Arm bands, "Glitter Gauntlets" $50-$200

Head Pieces, two banded, $60-$300

Head Pieces, three banded or more, $130-$400

Body chain, $75-$300

Bases (unadorned pieces, fully lined)


Bra, any size: If base bra provided $50-80 If no base bra $ 80-$100

Belt, cloth: $50-80

Please be aware that prices fluctuate based on the desired level of bead work, and the cost of materials used.  The very first step in ordering a custom piece is ALWAYS to decide on a budget, and send me an email.  Together we will wok out the cost of what you are looking for and the investment needed to make it happen. 


                                                    CURRENT SPECIALS

"The Icing on Top" Order includes two headpieces, your colors, your measurements, small bead work. Two or three banded, your choice $250


"Top Down" Order includes one head piece (two or three banded) and one body chain (Body chain will be your choice of style, with large Turkoman pendants, (again your choice from selected, the body chain can be a detachable necklace if desired for no extra fee), your colors, your measurements $350

Frequently Asked Questions

I want a custom piece, but my budget is lacking, are there any options for me?

 There are a few other options besides a fully-fledged, bead and coin encrusted piece.  One of my favorite "in-between" services is to fully cover and line a piece for easy decoration.  I call these bases, and they're a great way to start your costume adventure, without doing the boring part.  Another option is to provide me with all,  or almost all of the materials (including fabric, interfacing, closures, buttons, pendants chains, etc) that you'd like to use.  That way, the majority of your total cost from me will be in labor and design work.  

How long will my Custom Order take to complete?  

It depends entirely on the item- typically between 2 and 6 weeks prior to shipping.  For an exceptionally detailed or large order, please allow up to 8 weeks for completion. (Please note, this is barring exceptions such as a rush orders, or the need to ship in rare materials from overseas which may add delay.  In the event that rare materials are needed, I will make sure that the customer is aware BEFORE the completion of purchase) 


Who's working on my order?  

Why the Cor Chorum Creator, of course! None other than Devin (me) and her gallons and gallons of coffee. 


Exactly how much will my order cost?

It's best to do a consultation to work out your price range before deciding on a custom piece.  The cost can vary depending on the level of intricacy requested and the type and amount of materials used.  We will work out the exact price prior to sale. Typical pricing is in the table above.

I have a specific question that's not answered here, can I ask a question directly?

Absolutely!  If it's about custom work in particular, please send an email to with "custom work question"  in the title, so I can answer it promptly.   Consider it a no-obligation consolation!


Do you provide a troupe discount, or multiple order discount?

Unfortunately, not at this time.  However, please keep an eye out for sales or free shipping options offered though our online specials. 


Do you use Original or Replica pieces in your work?  

Both!  Most if not all of the coinage used are authentic from the 1970's or earlier.  Pendants that come from the hill Tribes in Afghanistan are typically original, but I do like to use replicas on occasion, for very different reasons.  Purchasing modern replicas directly from these countries allows me to put money back into their local economy.   Same with modern Gul-i-Perons (Beaded discs or "Dress Flowers") from India, replicated Ethiopian brass, and the Viking Horde replicas that come from Iceland and Ireland.  I think it's only reasonable that my wealth should feed theirs, considering how often my designs feature their work.   


How will I know what materials are used?  

I will identify the various bits and baubles used with parentheses after the item for example:  Black pearls (Natural) or  (Dyed) Quartz (Duo-chrome dyed) or (Natural) Kutchi Pendant (Original)  or (Replica).


Are these considered "Fair Trade" Items?

To the very best of my ability, yes.  All items gathered are done so with much care to insure that the people whose craftsmanship I showcase have been compensated fairly for their time.  Items that are manufactured overseas are screened to make sure the conditions under which they are made are humane.  I expect to be paid fairly for my work, and will do the same for others.


I ordered a necklace (or other product) that contains a large piece of 'coin silver', will it turn my skin green?

If un-coated, these pieces may turn skin green with prolonged wearing.  However, I make it a point to "Comfort Coat" especially large pieces that will be in contact with the skin.   This proprietary coating can last years on the piece, and is non-acidic and hypo allergenic.  If you are worried about ordering a piece, simply send me a message and I'd be happy to "Comfort Coat" it for you- It really is no trouble!


How long does shipping take?

Typically I ship the order the day after it's been processed, which can take up to 24 hours.  The delivery (barring rush orders) can take between 3-7 days.  If I am traveling, or otherwise "Out of Office" I will be sure to state this on the Home page of the Cor Chorum.